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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My coffee problem.

I love coffee. I'll say it again, I looove coffee. There is nothing like a hot fresh cup of coffee at any time of the day for me.  Caffeine has no affect on me so I can enjoy it whenever I want. "That's great Leslie, so what's the problem?" Great question, let me explain.  Almost every morning when the husband leaves I hear his famous last words of, "jeezus Leslie, how many cups of coffee do you have around here?".  I do not like warm coffee, I do not like cold coffee. I like HOT coffee. I pour myself a cup in the morning with the dream of enjoying it while I watch/listen to the news, then the kids get up. Dream over. Showers, clothes, shoes, breakfast, find backpack, find homework, brush is cold. According to Dr. Oz we should not nuke our coffee. (I don't like it that way anyway) Kids are off to school time for a fresh cup and start working. Emails, spreadsheets, conference calls, phone calls, coffee is cold. By the time it's 2pm I'm lucky if I've had a half a cup of coffee.  I'm thinking about getting one of those hats that I can put the coffee in and the straw comes down to my mouth.  hmph!  -Leslie


mommameg said...

Sounds like time to invest in small expresso cups so you can enjoy it without it running out or getting cold.

Angel said...

I am just like you LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE my coffee and HATE cold coffee. Even though I live in Florida... I still can not stand cold coffee. I even hate it more when I am told often to nuke it in the microwave. Bite what I often say to them. But I was blessed by my friends last christmas. When by my surprise I unwrapped my gifts to see a coffee warmer. Funny thing is I not only got 1 or 2. But 6 coffee warmers, and even a coffee cup warmer for my truck. So I have a coffee cup warmer for every room in my house. Yes, while I am on the john, or in the shower my coffee stay warm. Maybe that is what you need...a coffee warmer. I know I was not to sure the first time I plug one of these things in the electric outlet. But now I am loving my friends more sent they have bought me these warmers.

Heather and Leslie said...

Been begging the husband for an espresso machine. Maybe this Mothers Day my wish will be granted? ;)