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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sleeping in???? Ya, right...

As busy Mom's, who have probably been getting up with the sun for YEARS, since giving birth to our precious bundles of joy -15 1/2 in my case- why is it that the ever elusive idea of sleeping in, still sounds sooooo attractive? Now that my oldest is driving himself and his little brother to school, we don't have to get up quite so early to make the bus. (It comes at 7:12, on the money. Ridiculous.) My husband left for work at five this morning, and I was fairly wide awake to say goodbye, as he is gone for the week. I thought to myself, "Self, I can totally go back to bed,"  and voilla!!! I did. Yay me, right? Not so much... Ha, when my alarm went off an hour and a half later, I felt like hammered dog-shit! So out of it, I could hardly put one foot in front of the other, and I am just sure that I looked like something who would have no trouble being cast as an extra for the Walking Dead! Bummer, man. So not the end result I was hoping for. I should have just stayed up, and I knew it. Smh... I clearly remember as a teenager, the sheer luxury of not getting up until noon some weekend days, and how deliciously lazy that felt. Maybe that is my answer, right there!!! We are all so used to being sleep deprived, and worn out, that we secretly yearn for the days before all the huge responsibilities of mommyness, removed all doubt that it sometimes sucks to be the grown-up. No matter how cool we thought it would be to be our own boss. Hahaha... Ya, sure. Once you have a baby, all independence goes right out the window, for you younger ladies. Just a heads up. To be honest, I wouldn't trade the sleepless nights for anything, my boys will be grown and gone soon enough, if the past years are any indication of how quickly time passes, and next time I will just stay the hell up and clean up the kitchen for something new and exciting to do. I'll sleep when I and they are old. XO ~Heather

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