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Monday, April 30, 2012

Little disappointments.

I am the kind of person that generally has a cheerful disposition. I wake up in a fairly decent mood. I try to see the glass as half full, and look for the good in people, most of the time. This is not to say that I am never a debbie-downer, mind you. Things get on my nerves and piss me off, on the regular!! No need to sugar coat it, and you all already know this, but life is simply a bitch with a capital B once-in-a-while. Just when you are feeling good about something or someone, here comes good ol' reality with another breath taking punch to the throat. How sad... It does make you wonder, is it me? What didn't I see? Am I too trusting and/or gullible? Just a bitch and I really don't realize it? LOL The answer is probably yes to most of those, but I really do try to be nice. So  no, on that one. (Just don't push me. Haha...) Having thought long and hard, I have decided that I am not willing to give up on humanity as a whole. Yes, there are definite assholes, and it has been a rough week for me, personally. Only when we give in to the bitter and the nasty that surrounds us, from time to time, do said assholes win. I shall take a deep breath, get on with my life and enjoy baseball season, for crying out loud!! That is where my sons shine and it's my favorite time of year. It is this kind of thing that's important. Good to remember. Loves to you good guys... ~Heather

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