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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oh really???

You know what galls me? When you are having a perfectly pleasant conversation with a friend, family member or acquaintance, and all of a sudden, they throw in the ol' "NO OFFENSE, BUT..." What the hell is that, anyway? It is usually used while discussing someone or something in a derogatory manner, and do people really think that negates offense? Really? It's just like a verbal bitch-slap, followed with "I'm just kidding or LOL." Ya, sure you are... Hahaha! For example, If you are discussing someone else who happens to be in possession of a big ass, don't look at your girlfriend and say, "Damn, no offense, but Jessica needs to hit up a pilates class to work on that ginormous ass of hers. Shoot..."  o.O   Say what??? Newsflash: When you say that, expect the other party to be immediately offended. Duh.  Use your heads, folks. :D ~Heather

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