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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hope springs eternal for the teenage years...

As most of you know, my teenage son and I have been going through a bit of a rough patch, lately. He wants to be grown, with none of the responsibility. Typical teenage angst stuff.  I have complained about him quite often, because frankly, I have been pulling my hair out! I had a conversation with him the other day that made me actually look forward to the man that he may become, and I thought I would share something positive about him, for a change! He had gone to the lake with his friends that day, and I saw a whole passel of kids on a raft when I drove by, including some chickees in bikinis that I did not recognize. When he got home, I asked who they all were and he said they were some distant cousins of his friend's, that are visiting. Now, the little town that we live in, is fairly lacking of "hot" girls their age, and my son and his friends are cute boys. Hot items, if you get my drift... *wink, wink* LOL I tried to pry a bit and find out more about them, since he spends a lot of time over there. I got nothin'. After a few minutes of his acting like they hadn't even been there, and his finally saying that they were "stuck up," I just came out with it, and said point blank, "Well, are they cute or what?!" He looked at me blankly, and said, "Mom, it doesn't matter if they are cute. They are jerks, and I can't be bothered with their dumb shit." I looked at him, smiled and said, "Touche, darlin'." This is the second time recently, (that I know of) where he has rebuffed attention from a pretty girl. The last one was too selfish he said. Whoo hoo!! I am glad to see that those character lessons are finally paying off. Way to have principles, kidlet. You make your Mama proud. <3 ~Heather

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