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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Yay! The in-laws are coming..............!!!UPDATE!!!

Husband: So what do you want to do for Father's Day?
Me: I thought we would cook on the grill or something.
Husband: Well, do you want to have my dad and sister over?
Me: Not really.
Husband: Why not?
Me: Because I don't feel like scrubbing the house from top to bottom and cooking all day for your family when they never do it for us. That's why.
Me: Why doesn't your sister do it at her house this year since I do it every year?
Husband: She has an apartment.
Me: So?
Husband: She can't cook.
Me: Not my problem.
So after a little more banter I finally give in because, well, it's Father's Day and I'll do what is going to make him happy. Plus, he already invited them. o.O grrrr

I tell the husband that his sister WILL be bringing something this year since she never does and never offers to. She has 3 kids of her own so she can bring some food as far as I'm concerned. No problem he tells me, I'm sure she will. I'll have her call you for the details. Whatever...

Text message from SIL:
SIL: Hey Leslie, Mike told me I should call you and find out if you want me to bring anything.

Are you F*c$ing kidding me??? You classless little twit. How about, Hey Leslie, what can I bring to the cookout?

Me: Actually, yes you can. That would be really helpful. You can bring a side or a dessert. Thanks.
SIL: (2 hours later) Oh, ok.

In the interim I have remember that my ex mother in law has planned a graduation party for my son the same day at noon. (who has a graduation party on Father's Day?) Evidently my husband did not forget this. I call him and ask what time he told everyone to come over because we have the party first. He tells me he didn't tell them a time and I can call the SIL and let her know what's good for me. Well she kind of beat me to it.

SIL: Hey Leslie. What time do you want us over? Mike says he gets off work at 1 so around 1:30 or 2?
Me: We have a graduation party in Gaithersburg at noon so around 5:30 or 6 is probably good.
SIL: (2 hours later) Oh, ok.

I just love a party. Don't you? AAaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


!!!! UPDATE!!!!

Well the father in law (FIL) calls the husband to tell him that he can be at our house at 5 because he can only stay for a little while. See, he has plans for later. At this point I suggest to everyone we re-schedule for next weekend that way no one has to rush and it will be more fun. FIL tells me that doesnt work for him because he has plans next weekend. I say "no problem" let us know when you don't have plans and we can do it then. FIL tells me that since the husband is working that morning it means we will be taking 2 cars to the graduation party. All the husband has to do it leave the graduation party so he can meet the FIL at our house. He also suggests that since I will be pressed for time I can prepare a "mini bbq" instead of the "elaborate one I had planned". He say's, "besides, you're going to a graduation party and they'll be serving food. They will be serving food correct? Then it works out great. You all will have eaten so you won't have to cook that much when you get home."

*ring, ring  (husband) hey, what's up? (me) HANDLE YOUR F*C#ING FATHER!!!!!  *click

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