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Friday, June 15, 2012

Up yours, groomed and gorgeous!!!!

Cheese and crackers! Whose bright ass idea was it for us to have perfectly groomed eyebrows, nose hairs and smooth as a baby's bottom, chinny chin chins, anyway?? Yikes, I hate this shit! Those of us with well endowed eyebrows, can relate. Those of you with naturally thin and gorgeous brow lines, can just pucker up, buttercups. This stuff hurts! LOL I try not to whine, and did give birth au naturale, so don't say I'm a baby, but I despise plucking my eyebrows, for real! I have tried the waxing, little trimmer thingy and various other creams, but as you know- there are those errant little buggers that seem to be spreading with age! Bastards... I know that I wait too long, and it's my own fault, but hot damn. My beauty Mom is a child of the sixties and practically has to draw hers on. She pounded into my brain, DO NOT over-pluck girlfriend, because they eventually don't grow back. Doh! This thought always frightened me, and I always listened, but at this point, I think I would be really okay with that. Eegads, man. This sucks, and I can see why older ladies throw in the towel! Never mind, I shall buck up, and take one for the team. We forty-somethings, have to stick together and keep them guessing, girlfriends. I got carded the other day. Yay!!!! *sniff, sniff, sneeze, sneeze* LMAO. ~Heather

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