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Friday, May 11, 2012

Sometimes I hate being right.

The oldest boy is home from college for the summer. For the last few months I've been telling him to go back to work with my husband full time like he does every year. His father has been telling him can work with him laying tile and make $15 an hour. This happens every year, and every year my ex husbands boss falls through and my son ends up working for my husband, but not full time and loses money he could have made. He makes $12 an hour with my husband. It's not the ex's fault. His boss does this EVERY  YEAR. So the boy gets home yesterday and tells me he starts working with his dad today. I say, "ok, but you should call Michael (my husband) just in case and see if he has hours for you." The boy calls me last night to tell me that working with his father has been delayed and he doesn't know when he'll start.  Yeah,  you better call Michael.......Again.  :(

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