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Friday, May 11, 2012

Yep. That's me

My Mom

© Samantha Blackwood
Waking up to a new day
I find my mother there
Always up to awaken me
And to help me brush my hair
She does everything imaginable
And helps me on my way
On the road to a successful future
Every single day
Yet, sometimes she confuses me
And puzzles others too
Saying, Hey, don't talk back to me.
But then, answer, when I talk to you
I love my mother very much
But sometimes don't understand
I'm thirteen years old
And crossing the street
Still she holds my hand
But we are all thankful for our moms
That person in our lives
Who takes good care and nurture us
And supports the way we strive
No matter what we do or say
We know we'll never lose
The love and support
That they have for us in whatever path we choose
Most times my mother makes me laugh
Sometimes I think she's insane
But then again she may take a look at me
And think the very same
When she goes out and shops for food
She may even get frustrated
On the double
The cashier had better get the math right
Or else she'll be in big trouble
I used to think that no one else would do the things she'd do
Yet I'm absolutely sure
That your mother does the same things too
My mom could be a lawyer
She loves to argue too
But don't debate with her
The loser will definitely be you
So thank God for mothers
And the crazy things they do
Stop and think
When you're a parent
You’ll act the same way too

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