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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Have you ever had a serious (like about your life) Ah Ha Moment?

I had one today. The first time in my 42 years. A REAL Ah Ha Moment. It was disappointing, enlightening and exhilarating all at the same time. I've been rolling through a tough time lately (my stand still post if you've read it) so I have taken it upon myself to see a head straightener outer to try to get myself back on track. So we're talking today and I'm telling her what's the haps with the husband, work, my mother yada yada. I'm practically begging her to give me the magic button to jump out of my funk. She explains to me that she puts her clients in 3 basic categories. She say's, "now don't be offended when I tell you this and give me a moment to explain. You Leslie are a complainer."  How do you figure that? I don't socialize very  much to avoid doing this very thing. I don't really talk to anyone or have a support system so who the fuck am I complaining to? You make changes when you have an excuse to not because you need to.  BOOM!!!!!! Honest to God I scanned my last 20 years and she couldn't be more right. I changed jobs because I had to. I got married because I had to. I left my first husband because I had to. I know something is going to make my husband act like a lunatic but do nothing till he actually acts like a lunatic because then, I have to. And then there I am. The survivor. The hero. Making the best of what I have is the way it looks from the outside.  Ah Ha.


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