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Monday, May 14, 2012

The 80's rocked. I refuse to take shit for it...

I just posted a pic on our facebook page that got me to thinkin' about the 80's. I cannot tell you how many times I have taken crap for being a proud 80's survivor! What gives? My husband is older than I and graduated in '81, so the early stoner/music scene was more his deal, (think Dazed and Confused) and obviously my son is just now a teenager and thinks there was no more a ridiculous time period, EVAR... Why are we constantly forced to defend ourselves for having a blast? Life was pretty good in my world. The economy was kickin' and my parents made sure that I had a pretty cushy life. (Thank you, guys. Both worked hard, btw.) People looked good and actually gave a crap if their shoes, of which we all had a zillion pair, matched- let alone our socks, ffs. We went roller skating for certain hours, only. Took the bus to the mall and chased cute Italian boys. (amongst others) LOL We did not ask dudes for THEIR numbers- home phones only then, of course. We waited for them to ask us, and generally told our friends to give it, later. We talked on the phone, went on dates to the movies, and took HOURS to get ready. Hair combed? You bet! Overly so, really, but at least we cared. We wouldn't be caught dead in a "messy bun." WTF? You must be joking. Even guys cared! Not in a shiny metro-sexual kind of way, but they were clean and always smelled reeeeeally good. Can you say Polo? Polo!!! All in all, it was pretty harmless. When we got older and the partying started, maybe not so much, but even then it was fun! Now, everybody looks the same. As I said, too tight jeans, infant sized t-shirts, pajama bottoms and slippers! Eegads... Really? Ick. Hardly anyone gives a shit, and those who do, are ostracized. Geek, Emo, Goth, whatever. At least they are trying for a bit of an individual look and feel. We had a great variety of music, as well. I myself, went through various styles and changes from Ozzy,  Dio and The Pet Shop Boys to Tone Loc.Those were the days and I miss them, from time to time, tbh. I would at least kill for my shoe collection, not to mention my waist size and butt! Ha, and remember how we all thought we were fat, ffs. Psshhh.... Smh. ~Heather

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