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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fun toe-nails are where it's at!! ; )

Hey y'all! Helpful hint from Heather time: I like to change my toe-nail color, a lot. The funkier the better, sometimes. I was perusing the drug store today, and saw this cool shade of purple that caught my eye. I don't need anymore, but being that it was like, 2 bucks, I decided what the hell. (It's a cheap thrill of mine, like flip-flops feed my shoe addiction. ;) Anywho, just used it and it is AWESOME! Great big wide brush makes it sooo much easier and way less mess! Looks professionally done, even. Yay!! Supposed to last a long time, too. It's called Wet n Wild megalast. Color- On a trip. Check it out! Anything that saves time is a win in book... :D

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