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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mom 2

Hi guys!! So nice to see you over here. I feel like we already know each other, but a refresher is a good idea. Leslie has covered the fact that we were friends in high school, and we had some pretty wild times back in the 80's!! We looked fabulous, if I do say so, and those were some good times. Not all; however, just like everyone else. We came through largely unscathed, well educated and well adjusted. I too am a Mom, first and foremost. I have two sons, Gray- just turned 15, and Fletcher- just turned 8. I am an only child and as I have mentioned before, having two boys that far apart, IS like having two onlys. Very demanding business around here! LOL Both of my sons are naturally self driven, stubborn (they get from their Dad, obviously) and excel at sports. Every single one you can think of, we do it- except hockey!- too far to drive. Right now, we are in baseball season, and being that they are in two different leagues in two different towns, I will be spending LOTS of road time. This is my busiest time of the year, but I shall check in with you as often as possible. I also work, but nothing that excites me. I am an estate manager for a wealthy family in the tourist town where I live- Rocky Mountains. That is just like saying, "Hi, my name is Heather, and I will be your personal bitch for the next...insert number of years... how may I help you, today?" *smiles everyone!* Anyway, you will be hearing lots of my adventures at work in the future, no doubt, Trust me, I could not make this shit up... Also, some of you may have noticed that I am a dog fanatic. They are my favorite people, and I have three. Mickey, my old boy at 12, is a Boston Terrier and owner of my furry heart. Cera, is 9 and a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. (google) No finer love in town- huge 130lb. teddy. Then there is crazy Tully!!! Our 18mo. old German Shepherd. He is nuts, but smart as a whip! Opens doors, but hasn't yet mastered the technique of closing. Little bastard. You'll be hearing lots about him too! Long winded, as usual, but oh soooo glad you are here! Love your guts. MwaaaH!  ~Heather <3

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