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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Heeeeeeer's Leslie

    Most of our initial readers will know us from our Facebook page, "I Think My Mom's Gone Crazy", so you are a little familiar with who Heather and I are. A couple of feisty, quick tempered (at times), potty mouthed, kid, baby, dog, kitteh, music loving mom's/wives. We decided to stretch over to the Blog world due to the repeating comment of, "I can so relate" that we hear on the page.  We want to be able to talk to and hear from people in more than just a comment. Our page is fun but it's meant to be a quick, funny outlet for us and our friends.  We'll also throw up some hilarious pictures, music and our favorite recipes from time to time.
   For the first post, I will attempt to put together a little "about me" bio. I say attempt because I'm not a writer and my ADD takes over at every opportunity. I'm sure I'll rewrite this, copy and paste, move around and delete 100 times before I'm done.
   I'm a twice married (current on the 2nd) mom of 5. 4 boys and 1 girl ages 20 to 8. My oldest is in his 2nd year of college, the 17 yr old is a senior going into college (if it kills both of us), my 14 yr old will be in High School next year, the girl, 11, will be in Middle School next year, and the little man is 8 in Elementary School. I recently left the insurance broker I was with to start my own brokerage. It's been tough starting but I'm pushing through. My husband is a district manager for a restaurant chain in our area.  Like all parents, I love my kids more than life and would capture the moon for them if I could. That being said it doesn't mean I don't want to sell them to the circus from time to time. My younger years were a constant dysfunctional roller coaster with an alcoholic, physically abusive mother.  I've learned that when things get tough to push them down as deep as possible (I'm getting help for this habit) and push through. I don't advise this tactic for anyone. It never works out very well for me.  I have a wicked sense of humor, sarcasm that will split the average person in half and the courage to laugh and say things when others wont.   I don't think I'll shock anyone when I say I'm a stubborn, strong willed, perfectionist at times and a little crazy. If you've ever watched the show "What would you do" and have seen that one chic that doesn't even hesitate if she see's someone in danger or being hurt, that's pretty much me.  I'm not a crusader and I don't waive a flag but if I come upon a situation where someone/something can't or wont defend themselves, I most certainly will without hesitation. (This is what I meant about the ADD-rambling)  Anywho, that's the low down on me.  It's likely that this blog will be more therapeutic for me then I initially thought as I have had some pretty heavy things happen lately. We'll leave that for another post.

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