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Friday, June 8, 2012

Who you callin' a "soccer mom???" AND? Your point is? Pffftttt...

Recently, I was involved a slight verbal ballyhoo on the internet, with a very intelligent, albeit unconventional fellow. Things were getting slightly heated in that, "screw you, just kidding" kind of way. You know, saying something nasty, but chuckling while you do it, (or in this case, adding lots of LOLs and smiley faces) so if questioned, you can always fall back on the ol' - I was totally joking!!! - kind of thing. Well, anyway- the situation was deteriorating on his end, and he goes, "Go ahead on with your bad self, you soccer mom, you!!" Feeling righteously feisty at this point, I fired back with, "Soccer mom? You bet your ass I'm a soccer mom!! AND a baseball, football, basketball, wrestling, golf and snowboarding Mom, you asshole, you. What of it?" Well, he laughed at me, feeling superior at this point, and the argument sort of petered out, because he thought he had won. I hadn't thought of it again until I heard someone else say it today, with the same condescending tone. Huh? Since when did it become so uncool to have athletic kids, and when did the stereotypical, mini van driving, obnoxious~in your face, irrational mom/dad sort of stigma start? Is there something wrong with being involved in your children's sporting activities, and why is it accompanied by haterade, especially if they are good at them??? Now, I know this guy was just being an ass and totally meant it as a derogatory term towards women, but it got me to thinking. It's really a shame that the helicopter mom/dad types have ruined it for some of us more easy-going, supportive mom types. Yes, we are very involved, and we have to be, what with all the driving to and fro to get to practices and games, trying to think of something half-nutritious that can be made in sometimes ten minutes or less, and that the kids can stuff down en route. Then, getting homework, housework, showers, and laundry squeezed in there somewhere. That shit takes effort, on everyone's part! Not to pat us Mom's and Dad's on the back, but we should be commended for keeping it all together, or at least trying to, not ridiculed. The stigma that comes with athletes and their families' astounds me. Ya, my guys love sports, but grades come first and they know it. Period, or they don't play. So, before those of you whose kids aren't into sports, (not that there's anything wrong with that, LOL, to each their own-)  scoff and make fun of us, and before you make some lame soccer mom, meat head jock, nasty remark, please do remember that a lot goes into it, it isn't nearly easy, and the kids themselves deserve respect for their dedication and determination. It takes A LOT of time. To you few crazy moms and dads giving the rest of a bad name, please take a f'in chill pill before attending said games, and remember this is not Toddler's and Tiaras. You cannot live vicariously through your children, and even though it is difficult to watch them fail/lose that is part of life. Get over it! It is way fun to watch them succeed from time to time, and that is what needs to be focused on.  Please and thank you... It is a game, after all, and highly doubtful that our kids will play anything professionally.  Reality check. XO ~Heather

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