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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Television in the "good old days." How I miss them...

For the past few days, I have had my computer turned off 24/7. Though, I missed you, I have to admit, that it wasn't so bad in certain ways. My oldest boy has taken to fishing with his buddy until it gets dark, (we live on a lake in a tourist area, so they are selling their catch to the local restaurants. Enterprising young lads, imo. LOL) so it has just been me and little man at night. Yesterday, I washed my fleece bedding, it's still cold here at night, and we got all hunkered down to watch t.v., in the big bed. We had gathered snacks and juice boxes and all three dogs piled on, too. Very comfy! We were trolling through the channels and hit on an episode of The Waltons that was just starting. Of course, the son balked, but I said, "Let's just give it a try." "Oooo.Kkkk...," he grumbled, skeptically. Lucky for me, it opened with it being 1945 and the end of the War. He is obsessed with being a soldier, so that hooked him. He is a fairly accomplished chatter-box, but I have to say, that I only had to remind him a couple of times to zip it. Eureka!!!! He watched the whole thing and was thoroughly entertained. So much so, that when it was over, he cried, "What's on next?!" Well, shiver me timbers, it was an old episode of Little House on the Prairie! I seriously used to love that show when I was little, so I was excited, myself. Again, he was enthralled... I say this because he is not a typical kid when it comes to watching t.v. It almost gets on my nerves, when I am trying to get something done, because he will watch an episode of Sponge Bob for like, ten minutes at the most, then be bugging me again 'cause he is bored! *sigh..* He then commences throwing himself loudly around the living room, playing soldier, football or baseball hero of the day! Did I mention, LOUDLY???? He also watched the whole thing of Little House and loved it! What was most surprising to me was, that on both shows, while yes, wholesome, they really did deal with real world issues. For example, on the Waltons- Jim Bob was a soldier waiting for his orders to go overseas, when his stalking love interest (played by a very young Jennifer Jason Lee!) claimed to be preggers when he tried to dump her, hence an engagement. This sparked a very good convo with the young one about being careful, because people will actually lie to try and manipulate you. He, being an innocent was outraged! He hollered, "She's lying, Jim Bob!!!" at one point... Hahaha... Good man. Then, the episode of Little House dealt with beloved Isaiah's fall from grace due to the death of his son and resulting alcoholism. Heavy shit! Little guy is a sensitive soul, and got a little teary both at the sadness, and his redemption. Good stuff that what we had on t.v. back in the day. I know I didn't remember how awesome those shows were, but you can bet that we will be checking them out regularly, now. Beats the "absorbent and yellow and porous is he" one, All to hell... ; ) XO ~Heather

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