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Sunday, June 10, 2012

My whole crew. Furry ones, too.

*WHEW!* Just got done cutting all the dogs' nails. It was time. My big girl, Cera, could be heard snagging hers on the new carpet. Yikes!! I am a fairly responsible pet owner and don't usually let it go that far, but it can be a bit of a challenge. None of them like it, of course, but all behave fairly well even with the looks of death that I receive. No biting yet, though my shepherd Tully, did have my whole hand in his mouth while I did his. Goofy dog- that won't stop me! Did he forget who he is dealing with? Hmmppfff... I saved my little guy, Mickey for last, because he is the worst. Squirmy and strong little fart! He behaved and took it on the chin,  but the second I released him, he walked off for a few feet, then turned around and barked at me for a full minute. I guess he told me! Little bastard. It was hysterical, and that made him more mad. <3 Hahaha!!!! ~Heather

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