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Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Mother's Day breakfast conversation. *sigh*

Oh, for crying out loud!!! Little man and I were eating breakfast together and he was talking about Mother's Day and how he would be a dad someday 'cause men can't have babies. He said that guys wouldn't like to be "cut open" to get the baby out. I stupidly said that not all women were cut open to have a baby, but men would have to be. Well, being an 8 yr old chatterbox, you can just imagine how the conversation went down hill from there. *sigh* Suffice it to say, that it ended up with me telling him that he was a natural birth, and he said, "EW!!!! I came from NUTS??!!" Trying not to laugh hysterically, I said, "No son, women have different private parts." Not wanting to let it go, I finally sheepishly said, "women have vaginas, Fletcher." Little devil breaks into a huge grin and goes, "I know Mom. I just wanted to hear you say it." Little shit. Happy Mother's Day to me! :D :D :D

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