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Friday, May 25, 2012

Le Ode to Cherry Chapstick

Ohhhh, Cherry Chapstick,
you are the one.
When I am chillin' at the homestead,
with my hair all undone.
With the sweats, socks and slippers,
all hideously on,
the freed boobs slightly saggin',
I am forty-one....
I reach for your lusciousness,
stashed all over the house!
Have to hide you from the creepers,
for my sons are like louse.
They too have a thing for you,
I've told them you're NOT food,
but still they persist,
Thing one and Thing two.
Katy Perry has made you famous again,
(that lousy bitch)
but we know our love
goes waaaaaay back to when.
I cannot live without you,
my addiction is complete.
How can I deny it?
You taste, oh so sweet...
For this I must thank you,
you know not what you mean.
I simply wish I owned stock,
and made a whole lotta green....
Mmmmmm....... ; )

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