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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I don't care what your friends do. Picking your nose at school is gross!

I'm making dinner and the smallest boy is with me in the kitchen. The kitchen is where all my people feel the need to gravitate and talk to me while I'm trying to orchestrate the sumptuous dining experience they will consume. So he tells me about his "friend" who is "mean" to him and some of his other friends because they pick their noses. Um, ok. First of all, your "friend" is kind of mean for saying that to you in front of everyone. Second, picking your nose in public is disgusting and gross. You actually do this at school in front of people? Yes! And it's not disgusting. The boogers get hard and they hurt so I have to get them out!! Tell your teacher you need to use the bathroom and go use a tissue! No!

Okey dokey. I know the boy has some allergies that probably have something to do with the "hard boogers". Guess we'll just continue this little discussion with the Pediatrician.

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