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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Helicopter Mom's? Back the f*ck up and let your kids grow up, please. Thanks. I love you!

I am up too late, but goddamn isn't the silence delicious? I know that I will regret it come 6 am, but I'll be damned if I can drag my ass to bed!! Always tired, as we all are, but still enjoying a minute of freeeeeedom!!!! I hear ya, I will miss my darlin boys when they head out for their lives, and I know it, but mommyhood is tough. You cannot prepare anyone for it, and if you're decent, I don't see it ever ending! We will worry, fret, and love, always. No doubt, but there are up-sides to our children growing up, as well. For example, my eldest is now well over 6', a baseball fanatic and plays for a team that is an hour away, one way, and also plays for said travelling team, all summer long!! Good on him, but he has a little brother who is also a phenom, and practices just as much in our town. Being that my husband works out of town, it poses a problem- can you dig it? My oldest gets his driver's license this month, and I am ECSTATIC!!!! He has a little old truck that Grandpa has given him, which is awesome. Thanks, Grandpa, but I have been made to feel like shit in our circles, cause I should not be ready for him to drive, and do I know how dangerous that is? Of course, I know, but Gray is a serious kid, who gets straight A's, and I kid you not, has been "old"  since the moment he took breath. Ask our family. Plus, are you fucking kidding me???? I have been driving him for ten + years, AND I have ten more with his little brother. Helicopter Mom's- back the f*ck up. You will see... One less practice to sit in the parking lot for two hours? Hell to the YES!!!! LOL ~Heather

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