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Friday, April 20, 2012

Women let themselves go? Oh, really...?

I have heard the refrain throughout my life, as have you- no doubt, "Wow, she got married and man, has she let herself go!!!" While this is sadly true in some instances, and some ladies should be reminded, that just 'cause you got him, does not mean you'll keep him. I would also like to pipe up for those of us who actually take the time, give a shit about how we present ourselves to the world, and live with husbands/partners who have turned into slobs and could care less, how the hell they look!! I married a man 7 years my senior, and at the time, it mattered not. He was a tall, handsome dude. Well, sixteen years and two boys later- not so much. It's not that he isn't handsome, he is, he just prefers to look like a hobo most days... He is in construction. and likes rat-shit work pants, and dirty sweatshirts with a baseball hat, over unkempt hair. Newsflash: baseball hats do not cover everything! It is still evident if you didn't comb your hair. Crikey!!! (Oh, and work clothes are not acceptable restaurant attire.) I have to remind him to shower and shave, even. Are you serious??? It's not just mine I am talking about! There seems to be a trend, at least where I live, ffs. LOL I look around at my girlfriends, with their significant others and think WTF is going on here? Most of us are in our early 40's, not bad looking, and make a concerted effort to look clean and decent. Ya know- showered, hair combed, and wear make-up even!? Get a grip fellas, take care of your own shit! Take a shower, brush your teeth, hells bells- would it kill you to use a little cologne once-in-while? I know I have bought enough of that stuff. *Hint, hint* Find the pride in yourselves again, pleeeeeease. We miss it. You expect us to mommy you in lots of ways, but in this you will lose. Grown up women everywhere are soooooo over it. Helpful hint from Heather: Just 'cause you got us, does not mean you'll keep us... <3 ~Heather

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