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Thursday, April 19, 2012

What's your name again?

We all do it. Angry, excited, thrilled, whatever. We all have those times when our child's/children's name completely escapes us. Hell, I've been know to run through all the pet's names and even then I may not get it right and with 5 kids, that's a lot of names. My poor Mickey gets it the worst. I'm lucky if I know how old he is half the time. (I'm getting better, it was worse when he was young) The best case in memory is days before Halloween in the local Party Store. Of course it was packed with every parent and their child/children within a 10 mile radius. Situations like this literally make me sweat because at least 25% of these people are tunnel visioned, rude, loud and need a good punch to the throat. Anywho, we are in this store trying to find costumes for everyone. I tell my people they have to stay in a 3 aisle limit so I can see all of them.  I find the EXACT costume Mickey wanted but he is in the 3rd aisle farthest away from me. I thought he was looking at me so I waived and motioned for him to come over to me. No good, didn't see me. So I call out, "Matthew!" shit "Michael", dammit "Nicholas" what the f&*k is wrong with me? "Joey!" she's the girl, get it together. At least 15 people are staring at me now. All parents so not only are they staring but they are starting to grin and snicker a bit. "Stormie!" dog one, "Jenny!" dog two. HEY!!!  YOU!, KID WITH THE RED HAIR!!!!  He turns to look at me finally, "WHAT'S YOUR NAME?!?"  "Mickey". Oh thank God. "Mickey come here I found your costume. The crowd of parents erupts in laughter, I get my people and leave the God Damned Party Store.  True Story.


Kirsten said...

HAHAHAHA - I am so glad to know that I'm not the only one who does that. I usually just end up stringing all the names together and hope that they hear me and answer.

Debbie said...

Ha ha ha ha, my kids just shake their heads and look at me funny when I do this! It's a Mom thing, lmao!! Good story!