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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Socks. The bain of this moms existence.... :/

Do me a favor, will you? Be honest and tell me if I am the world's worst, selfish and uncaring Mother, ever. I used to be really good at stuff. House clean, kids clean and constantly reassured, cookies baked, and even the dread laundry was done! Everything folded and put away in it's designated spot. That old adage, "A place for everything, and everything in it's place" a constant refrain in my mind... Then came 16 years of marriage, two boys (plus my man-child) and more dogs than kids. Not to mention, working, ffs.... FU June Cleaver! Bitch. What in the world is that about??? I now send my kids to school, almost daily in mismatched socks, We're lucky if they are both white or black, and I am ok with that! I have a slight case of OCD, and that sort of thing used to really bother me. What if they were in a playground accident, for God's sake?? Everyone would know that Heather had dropped the ball. Eegads, man!!! Now, not so much. Every morning, it is the same. "MOM!!! I don't have any socks!" *sigh..." Let me check the dryer" . I swear, when the boys are gone, I will find a house sized mountain of socks somewhere. Until that time, f*ck it- I'll buy new. :) ~Heather

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