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Friday, September 7, 2012

The girls first grounding.

I figured the girls first grounding would be for something like not doing her homework. Noooooo. She's going full throttle on the first one. The kids are NOT allowed to go to the park unless we (mom and dad) or another parent are with them. Period. The girl had a couple of friends knock on the door shortly after school let out saying a bunch of them were going to the park. I asked what parent was going and she told me. I let her go and gave her my cell phone (she's only 11 she doesnt have one of her own yet). 3 hours and 4 calls by me later I decided to drive to the park and locate her. Well......when I got there 3 of her friends and the parent were there but no girl. I asked the kids where she was and was told she went up to the school. I drive to the school and she's not there. I drive to the neighborhood a block away from the school(where some of her friends live) and low and behold, there she is. She has NEVER done anything like this before. I order her into the car where she immediately starts to cry. We get home and I send her to her room so that I can compose myself. After a few minutes I go into her room and launch into a full scale "do you know what could happen to you" speech. She's crying, I'm crying, it's a mess. I send her to talk to her father for a bit. When she get's back I have decided that her punishment will be researching local child abductions and what happened to the parents and the child. Thoughts?

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