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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Little man's new favorite food

So. Being that it is summer, and being that I work, the boys WILL be home alone on occasion, and must learn to feed themselves. I have not done right by them in my younger years, by trying to be June Cleaver, and insisting that everything be "home-made." I also blew it by not forcing them to be more independent, especially in the kitchen! Well, no more... We went to Wal*Mart Super Center the other day, and I had them pick out a cart full of crap that I thought they could handle the preparation of, in my absence. Well done. Before leaving for work yesterday, I showed the wee one where I kept them and how to heat up a burrito. Just so I know he won't starve, or live on cereal or granola bars. His big brother is on a "time to grow up" campaign where his little bro is concerned, and will sometimes flat-ass refuse to help him. I could skin him alive, but that is a separate issue. LOL Fletcher watched intently and took it all in. This morning,  I told him to throw a bagel in the toaster while I was getting dressed. I came out just in time to hear the ding of the microwave. *Sigh...* "I said the toaster, bud. You don't put bagels in the microwave." Holding his plate and beaming from ear to ear, he whipped off the paper towel, and said, "I decided against a bagel. I am having a burrito!!!!" Oh well, no biggie, and his exuberance made me laugh. We are now two hours later, and he is on burrito number three, for "brunch." Hahaha... Do they sell those things in Kong size packages? I think we're gonna need it. That and a bale of toilet paper. Smh... ; ) XO ~Heather

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