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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Teenagers suck. Bam...

Holy moly, y'all. I am seriously ready to pull my f'in hair out with my number one son, or at least smack him one, seriously. I have never struck him in his life, but it sure as hell occurred to me this morning!!! He has been so snarky and just all around shitty this week, that we are to the point that it is almost impossible to have a decent conversation! Sheesh!! He has a game after school today, and I noticed that his jersey was looking particularly nasty as he shoved it in his gear bag.  I offered to wash it, and bring it with me. He looked at me like I had five eyes and was like, "Hell no! Duh..."  I realize that he is superstitious, but this is getting ridiculous. That thing is gross, as are his pants. We all know that this reflects badly on our mommyin' abilities when our kids look like crap, let alone are filthy! LOL That aside, I know that being fifteen is rough, and he is overly busy in my opinion, plus having been sick for the past week hasn't helped, but DAYUM man, any chance of a small break? Everything I say is met with something unpleasant in return. Everything, whether it is a benefit to him or not! Gets damned old... My Aunt is very religious and has raised several teenagers. She told me when this started with my son a couple of years ago, that God makes teenagers act so horribly awful so you are more than ready to let them go when it's time. I love her to death, but she isn't always the sharpest tack in the pack, if you get my drift, but this just floored me. I am not religious, but this totally works for evolution theorists, as well. Of course! How simple... I happen to agree with that and can see it coming more and more everyday. What with the raging hormones, social insecurity, and crazy schedules, they are more than preoccupied, and you always hurt the ones you love, right? I will try to be brave and grin and bear it. Let's just hope he survives to see his eighteenth birthday and college, shall we? Hahaha... ~Heather

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