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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sometimes being the "parent" sucks!!!!!

Well, hell. It had been a fairly happy day around the homestead. Good weather for a change, nice dinner and number one son FINALLY got his much anticipated driver's license! This will be a humongous burden off ol' mamason, being baseball season. Practice? See ya when you get home, love. It was only the third attempt, due to the instructors paperwork errors. We had gone twice before, sat for two hours each time only to be told that the instructor of the class had screwed up, not once, but twice!! Super. No matter, today was the correct day, and the very good news was, no driving test required! He had passed during the course and the instructor is licensed to waive the test for all but an unlucky, random 10%. So, success!! Anyway, I digress. He had decided to stay home tonight, much to my surprise. Wait, was that the buzz of a text, perchance?? Why, yes it was! "Mom, is it cool if I go to the movies?" "Sure kid, I don't blame you." We live about 45 minutes from the largest town with a theater and there was much flying around to make it on time. Getting ready to head out the door when, Buuuuzzzzzz.... Another text. No, wait! Change o' plans. They decided to go to the Legion baseball game. Waaaay better chance of hot chicks, I am told. Hahaha!!! O.k. It is true, my son plays in the league below, and now all his friends want to go to his games because of the weird little groupies, a topic for another time. *sigh* So, I say- "Be very careful, I love you and text me when you get to the field and a couple times through the night, home by eleven, k?" "Sure thing, Mom. I love you, too." BANG!!! goes the door. His Dad calls and says, "Eleven?? No way." He texts son and says - be home by ten. "OK." Was the reply.... After that, nothin'. :/ At 9:45 the phone rings, it is his best buddy's cell number. I answer immediately! (Truth be told, I am a nervous wreck, at this point.) "Mom, the movie just got out, and I left my phone in the truck, which is why I didn't answer your texts." Ummm.... WTF? Movies? I, of course, am immediately pissed, and he goes, "What? I totally told you we were going to the movies, and don't worry about me being late, 'cause I am spending the night at Hudson's, which I also totally told you." All with a SERIOUS attitude. Ummm... WTF? "The hell you are!! You get your ass home, right about NOOOW!" "I don't know why you are spazzing, but whatever, I love you too!!" *snark, snark* Are you kidding me? First outing and he blows it this bad? Shit. (I should add that he is really a super kid. I tease him all the time that he is the rules police. "Mom, way to fully stop, or Mom, you are in the crosswalk." So? LOL) Damn, now I have to put on the bitch hat again and decide what punishment to dole out. He is home safe and sound, and has gone to bed. I was way more wild than he will ever be, but precedents must be established. Damnation. Parenting can really suck. Where is my f*cking manual??

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