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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Learning life's tough lessons.

My kid is so wonderfully crazy, I just love him to bits. He took a major hit in the old ego department today, and he is bouncing back like a champ. He is 8 years old and is playing up an age bracket with the 9 and 10 year olds. As I mentioned we take baseball very seriously around here, and he had tried out for the all-star travelling team, twice this week for a total of four brutal hours. It was unfortunately, kind of expected that he would make it because he is a fantastic catcher, great first baseman and decent pitcher. So with hopes high, he raced home after practice last night and waited by the phone for the call that never came. :( Practices started this am and since we heard nothing, he didn't go. In my opinion that is the shits, btw. No call or anything?? How rude! Anywho, from what I understand the coach decided to go with mostly ten year olds, regardless of skill and that's ok. It is their last year before moving up to the tougher Major Leauge and they should enjoy it. Many, many tears and hugs later, little big man is nearly right as rain. He is now watching his hero, Dennis the Menace *sigh* and was just rooting through the fridge looking for more food. Again. He came across a treat that his Grandma had gotten him, because he a dessert fanatic. Tully (one of my dogs) and I were also in the kitchen and both jumped a f'in foot when Fletcher sang out at the top of his little lungs, "FLAN, DELICIOUS FLAN!!!!!" Hahaha... He grabbed two and skipped out of the room, singing all -the-while... That kid is a crack-up. Still laughing... I admire him and wish I had his ability to just... Let. It. Go... Rock on Fletchman. <3 ~Heather

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