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Friday, May 4, 2012

End of an era? I think not!!!

Sadly, I just heard that MCA, (Adam Yauch) one of the Beastie Boys died today from cancer. How shitty is that? It sparked many conversations on facebook between some of my childhood friends, and one of them referred to all the fun times we had tearin' it up to their music. True story, right there! Ha, we were kind of hell on heels back in the day. She made a remark about us being grown ups now, and when the hell did that happen?? I joked about it and said I did not want to hear that shit, and was plugging my ears! It did get me thinking, though... It's so funny to me that our generation has refused to grow up. Mentally, anyway. We all have mortgages, car payments, braces payments, etc, but we don't act like our parents did, and no where near like our grandparents!  We don't even look the same as our previous generation did, at our age. We wear the same clothes as younger folks, listen to the same music, (My son recently gave me a boat-load of crap for knowing the words to an Eminem song on the radio. I calmly looked at him and said, "Gray, he is only a year younger than I am, ya know? I was alive before you were born." Booyah!! That shut him up. LMAO) we have long hair, big earrings and curse and carry on as though we were still in our twenties. Hell, some of my friends from back then haven't even aged at all! We are mistaken to be in our young thirties at the most! Men and women, both. What's going on here? LOL I love it, don't get me wrong. I am the type of person who will never really be "old" even when I am old. I just can't see it happening. Our kids have no chance at fooling us with their shenanigans either, like we did our parents. Been there, done that, kid. Nice try... I feel kind of sorry for them, tbh. The conversation today ended up with me saying that it IS getting harder to deny, being that my oldest is now the same age as we were back then, and is way bigger than I am. Shit. Who is this grown looking person, and why the hell does he keep calling me "Mom."????? Hahaha... Screw it, it's all about how you feel, and if hard pressed for an answer- I would say I don't feel a day over twenty-two!! Keep rockin' on my generation. We are awesome... ~Heather

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