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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

These girls are going to drive me crazy.

Having 5 kids myself one would think I would be used to, not listening, chatting, giggling, staring into space etc.... Well evidently I am not. For my only daughter I volunteered to be a coach for her Girls On The Run group. Super. It works out fine for the most part. There are always 2 coaches so we are able to keep the side tracking to a minimum for the most part. Not today. For whatever reason I was the only coach for 14 10 and 11 year old girls. The lesson was complex with more activities than usual and a lot of role playing between the coaches to give examples on gossip and the harm it can do. 2 are sitting on the ground inside their coats because it's chilly. 4 are talking about what they are wearing. 1 is looking for her water bottle and the rest are waiting to get started.  I start by gathering the girls in a circle and asking them to give an example of gossip. That goes over fine. I give an example of gossip and how it can hurt everyone involved and how you can lose friends.  One of the activities was to get them paired together for a different type of freeze tag. When I  yell go they run around each other, when I say stop the have to grab the person closest to them and give them some gossip. The POINT of the exercise was to be, at the end tell the gossip they had heard and a reason as to why it can be harmful to the gossiper and the gossipee.  By the time the exercise was done I learned that, Justin Bieber east boogers, Jason put his finger in his but then smelled it, Nikki stole a car, Jessie likes David and the school is going to close. Really? I mean, really? Ok ladies, let's do some running.

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