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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Is it still considered abuse if he's bigger than me????

So. As I mentioned, my sons are athletes and we are in the thick of baseball season. I am already pulling my hair out with this f'in schedule! They are seven years apart, but of course with my luck, their practices are the same nights of the week in towns an hour apart. Needless to say, I am harried. Number one son informs me last night at ten o'clock that not only does he need an eggplant for school in the am (I shit you not- still no idea what for) BUT his new cleats that I bought last month for $125 no longer fit. What??? Damnation... We live an hour away from the largest town around here, boonies y'all, so being my day off, I nicely say I will pick him up from school and off to town we go. I got behind a slow driver, was five minutes late, and here come the phone calls... "Mom!!! Where are YOU???" Who said cell phones for kids were a good idea, again? FFUU!!!! Let's just say, it went downhill from there. Lord have mercy... He is fifteen and apparently, my taking oxygen embarrasses him, and pisses him off. He acted like such a surly spazz, it was a most unpleasant experience. No, please- let me drive you a hundred miles, round trip, have the balls and indecency to ask if you're hungry, AND drop another $125 on your punk ass, just for fun. All the while you treat me like dog shit. I love it! No, really... Thank you! Good God, if we both survive the next three years, it will be a miracle. No joke. *sigh* You feel my pain??? LOL

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Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. My boys are 8 years apart. I am constantly running 2 different directions at the same time. My oldest is 16 and I am amazed that we have both lived through the past year. There are days I remind him that I brought him into this world and if he continues.....I will be the one to take him out. LOL He just smiles and keeps on going. I wouldn't trade them for anything. :)